Our patented Thermo-Modification technology speeds up the natural aging process of wood.  This means our wall panels are biologically the same as 350 year old lumber.  The benefit is no rotting or decaying, no twisting, cupping or warping. Our lumber is American sourced. 

Non-treated wood

Thermo-treated wood

350-year old wood

  • No chemicals, moisture, resins, sugars, organisms or bacteria in the wood.  Guaranteed!

  • Won't shrink, warp, cup, twist or turn on the wall.

  • Available in ready to assemble prefab panels.

  • Panels are lightweight and easy to install with finishing nails or adhesive.

  • No two pieces are the same, making your project one-of-a-kind.

  • Need some ideas?

    • Accent walls

    • Wainscoting

    • Wall tiles

    • Ceiling panels

    • Suspended ceiling (planks match Armstrong ceiling grid panel specs)

    • Wall art

    • Reclaimed wood wall decoration.

  • Works great in high humidity areas.

  • Use them in your bathroom, kitchen, basement, steam room​on the ceiling, on your doors, on rafters, inside your pool house, or anywhere you can imagine!

  • Great for the environment and your health!

Watch the video to learn about our Thermo-Modification Technology.

Also, head on over to Westwood Timber Group for more details.

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