Whitewash Art Wood Oak Wall Planks (10 SF in a Box)

Whitewash Art Wood Oak Wall Planks (10 SF in a Box)

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We use our patented high temperature (400 Fahrenheit) Thermo-Modification technology to speed up a natural aging of wood to make wall planks dimensionally stable and durable. The planks are made from real wood - American Oak. Thermo-Modification changes the wood on a molecular level and makes it identical to 350-year old lumber (see the microscope view of wood after Thermo-Treatment). The process eliminates all moisture, resins, sugars, organisms, and bacteria in the wood. Thermo-Modified wood planks will not shrink, warp, cup, twist, or turn on the wall. Our wall decor product comes complete with a 50-year warranty.

3D Wood Art Inspiration wall decoration planks is a hand made product from thermo-treated and painted with a white tone paint creating the unique look of “reclaimed wood” wall paneling.

Each plank is deeply wire brushed to achieve a 3D wood paneling texture that shows a variety of lights and shadows. No two pieces are the same that brings a great and versatile color and grain pallet to any space.

Use our wall planks as an accent wall, wainscoting, ceilings, suspended ceiling panels (planks match Armstrong ceiling grid panel specs), wall art, or wall decoration. Our wall planks are also perfect for outdoor applications and high humidity areas like bathrooms, kitchens, or basements.

Art Wood displays a beauty of Oak patterns. Planks are thermo-treated, and then deeply wire brushed to create a 3D surface structure. Finally, they are carefully selected and hand treated to accent the beauty of wood. Art Wood creates a really beautiful and fine look of whitewashed wood planks.

  • Whitewash Wood Planks Features

    • Our special distressing recipes of thermo-treatment process and original technique of deep wire brushing create the textures and shadows of the 3D wood panels structure unlike anything else on the market
    • We are the only manufacturer in the US that makes Thermo-Modified wood wall planks which creates dimensional stability of the wood and prevents it, even in high humidity areas, from warping, shrinking, cupping, or creating gaps between each plank
    • Thermo-Modified wood is so durable, it’s a great fit for any high humidity and outdoor application; free of insects and bacteria makes our wood wall decoration planks truly perform when applied in bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor kitchens, and basements
    • Wood is a natural material; each board will vary in color, shade and texture after the distressing process providing you with a wall decor that is truly a unique work of art
    • Thermo-Modification of wood turns each board to a natural brown walnut-like color on the surface and throughout the wood. To make a Barn Wood Art look we whitewashing the surface with white tone paint
    • Thermo-Modification gives the wood a Class B Fire Rating, as opposed to non-treated wood, which has a Class C Fire Rating
    • The Thermo-Modification process is chemical free: our decorative wall planks are 100% “Green” - we use heat and steam to speed up the natural aging process of the wood. No “weathering” chemicals or artificial weathering techniques are ever induced
    • Because we eliminate moisture, our wall planks are lightweight (average a weight of approximately 1.0 lbs. per sq. ft.)
    • DIY – Wall decoration planks are easily installed and can be applied with adhesive, double sided tape, or finish nails. Our installation instruction shows you all the details
    • Express your personal style by installing our 3D wood wall planks both horizontally or vertically
    • The wall planks can be applied as full wall, half-wall, or as a traditional wainscoting
    • Thickness is 1/4 in.
    • The 10 SF box of Holey Wood Planks contains: for 5 in. planks - 12 pcs., for 4 in. planks - 16 pcs.