Adjustable wall panels assembled with rubber backing 

Smart Panels
Smart Planks

Smart Kit of individual boards 


Smart Panels

Smart Planks

The wall panels are designed to fit together; creating a unique look of staggered seams among the boards.


Thickness:  5/16 in. (wood - 1/4 in., rubber strips - 1/16 in.)

Length:  28 in.

Width: 12 in.

Weight:  0.8 Lbs / SF

Packing: 10 panels in a box (one box covers 20 SF)

Box:  28 in. x 12 in. x 4 in. - 17 Lbs.


Rubber strips on the back are used to join panels together and to attach panels to the wall. Our installation instructions provide all the details. 


Installation Options:​

- Nailing panels to the wall 


Individual loose planks, in different widths, offer the  ability to create a one of a kind design on your walls or ceiling. These planks are the perfect length to give an upgraded look to your Armstrong suspended ceiling tiles. 

Thickness:  1/4 in. 

Length:  23.75 in.

Width options: 3 in., 4 in. or 5 in.

Weight:  0.8 Lbs / SF

Packing: 10 SF in a box

Box:  24 in. x 6 in. x 4 in. - 8 Lbs.

Installation Options:

- 2D finish nails 


Installation Instruction for Smart Panels

Installation Instruction for Smart Planks


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